Take heed to yourself and to thedoctrine1 Tim 4:16

Distinctives of Central Valley Presbyterian


CVP recognizes that many historic confessions and creeds have been developed throughout church history, but for the purpose of doctrine and teaching in this fellowship, we affirm the standard known as The Westminster Confession of Faith. For the purpose of teaching and training our members and children, we utilize the larger, shorter and children’s catechisms of the Westminster Confession.  We also recognize the Nicene Creed as a historic standard defining orthodox Christianity.


Family Integrated

CVP champions a multi-generational vision for preserving our spiritual posterity. We desire to equip whole households for ministry through heart-level relationships rather than activity-based programs. We also seek to unite the church with the home by encouraging families to worship together, fellowship together and learn together.

Biblical Roles of Men and Women

CVP encourages men and women to fulfill their God-given biblical roles. We desire men to serve their wives and children by lovingly leading their families and by having a vision for the next generation. We desire women to understand their role as helpmeets to their husbands and as keepers of their homes. We encourage men and women to actively mentor those younger and be mentored by those older, just as the Bible describes in Titus 2.



We desire that our church operate as a community where members know one another intimately and live and serve as a Family. In this community, it is our desire that the elders shepherd the flock with love and gentleness, knowing well the needs of each individual and family.


Our Denomination

Central Valley Presbyterian Church is a founding member of the Covenant Presbyterian Church denomination (CPC). The CPC is a denomination that is “committed to presbyterian practice, doctrinal purity, faithful worship, and the expansion of Christ’s Kingdom to all areas of society and home.”
The distinctives of the Covenant Presbyterian Church denomination include:
The belief that the Bible is inspired and inerrant, and our sole authority and guide for all things.
The preaching of the Gospel of Christ without compromise.
The belief that God created the earth and heavens in six days.
The encouragement for families to worship together.
The requirement of an educated and qualified Eldership.